we have 4 kittens
 2 of the kittens will be available after viewings

champion sapphirestar frostbite X coldenufforsnow jollity

Mum is a Coldenufforsnow cat, daughter of the great Ferry Vom Friedewald and Bitzeglitz Twinkletoes
Dad is the first GCCF male Snowshoe Champion

The kittens will be GCCF registered and will come with Pedigree, 4 weeks insurance and a comprehensive kitten pack.
They will be well socialised kittens have been born and raised in my bedroom and handled daily.
The kittens are 5th generation Snowshoes and two of the boys can be shown in Snowshoe breed classes.

diamondice dasher seal colourpoint boy kitten on hold.
a sweet cuddly kitten who climbs up your arm to sit on your shoulder.
diamondice prancer seal point mitted boy kitten on hold
a lively kitten thats always willing to try out new thing.
diamondice blitzen
 seal point mitted boy kitten .he loves his food and is a bit of a monster however he is very sweet and cuddly.
diamondice dancer
blue piont bi coloured girl staying here . she is a cuddly kitten and loves her mum.